Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"To Be a Kid Again": Cereal-Inspired Treats: Fruity Pebbles!

So I should have been studying for a Food Science final I have tomorrow but baking just sounded like so much more fun! Plus I couldn't wait to get started on taking a walk down memory lane to my childhood. I made my first batch of my very own made-up "Dame good" recipes!

I decided to go with cereal-inspired treats (because what brings you back to your childhood more than cinnamon toast crunch and fruity pebbles?!) I had sooo many ideas for these treats. I managed to decide to start with fruity pebbles, BUT random fact about me: I am extremely indecisive, I have the hardest time making the smallest decisions. I had so many ideas for fruity pebbles and couldn't pick just one so I made two types of cupcakes; Fruity PebBOWLS and Fruity Pebblecakes as well as a Soft Fruity Pebble Sugar Cookie!

They actually turned out pretty good for my first time! yay me! Since I made so much I will be posting my slightly-concealed recipes and pictures all seperately in the next couple of days. But first...

Lessons I learned about making my own recipes
1.) Making frosting, let alone batter, without a mixer is not easy
2.) You probably shouldn't make a simple syrup in a cheap old non-stick pan
3.) You are not ready to take on fondant
4.) If you have to use wheat flour when making cakes because you are all paranoid about the unhealthy part of baking, please use very little, it makes your cake too dense and bland
5.) You still have yet to master rolling sugar cookie dough
6.) The cheap paper cupcake liners suck...
*The "you" in these lessons-learned is me...talking to myself...yep

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Shawn said...

I think you should try something with strawberry shortcake/angel food! just saying...but make sure im around to be a taste tester please. lol

Miss. Tarrah Dame said...

I will! But you also inspired my cinnamon toast crunch idea too!

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