Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do they have rehab for baked goods addiction?

Okay so I have this problem. I am obsessed with cupcakes. My bedroom literally looks like a cupcake threw up all over it...seriously. I love everthing about them; they're feminine, dainty comforting little pieces of art. But maybe this isn't so much my problem as my compulsive baking habit. It is my therapeutic outlet and I think about what I'm going to make and how I'm going to make it 24/7.

But I suppose that really isn't a huge problem per see my REAL problem is how indulging in these scrumtious, warm fresh-out-of-the-oven baked goods makes my heart sing and my body feel like its floating in air so much so that I lose complete control and indulge until I become immobile and have no choice but to lay flat on the ground for an hour to ease the pain and avoid sacrificing my happiness to the porcelein gods (which I have yet to do thank you very much).

To some, this may not seem like much of a problem as I just described half of America but fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. So how do I maintain a healthy lifestyle when I have such a unhealthy obsession with the things that come out of my oven? Well I love to cook as well as bake. So I'm constantly striving to create and make healthy meals so that I can completely indulge in the delectible, fattening, heart-warming (and stopping!) baked goods.

Perhaps this is why I love baking so much, because it truly is a rich indulgence. Of course, I sometimes like to mess with dessert recipes to make them a little more figure-friendly but I find that it is really difficult to do without compromising the wonderful flavor and proper texture. Does this stop me from sometimes trying? Of course not! Overall I try to find a balance. Of course every now and then I will go all out, Paula Dean-style...I just put my cupcake apron on for those when a little extra therapy is needed...that's right my friends, I have a cupcake apron.

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