Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh To Be a Kid Again

I love dishes that bring me back to my childhood. Lately, I have been craving this experience so I have to decided to be ambitious and allow a mental trip down memory lane to inspire me to create my own little treats. I am just beginning to take a dip in the experience of inventing my own concoctions, so I have many crazy ideas just racing through my head. I want to try them ALL! So I declare this month "To Be a Kid Again"-themed baking! This works perfectly because next week is finals week and then it is Spring Break, so a little break from responsibilities and everyday adulthood is almost upon me!

I have decided to dub the recipes I create or adapt from other recipes to make my own "Dame Good"...a quirky little play on my last name per the suggestion of a friend :). My "Dame Good" recipes are all mostly going to be made from scratch, but when possible, I will post easier semi-homeade recipes. But if anybody would like the from-scratch recipes and I didn't post it, just contact me and it's all yours!

So what does a "To Be a Kid Again" menu look like? I'm still brainstorming but heres what I have in mind...

*3 of my favorite childhood cereal-inspired treats!
1.) Cinnamon toast crunch cereal cupcakes
2.) Fruity pebble sugar cookies
3.) Lucky charms marshmallow bars
*These are Smore's Stuff!...messy but good!
1.) Smores cookies
2.) Smores cupcakes
3.) Smores brownies
*Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
1.) Peanut butter jelly cupcakes
2.) Peanut butter jelly cookies
*My personal favorite treats as a kid
1.) Mini no-bake cookie cupcakes
2.) Teddy graham-cakes

I would be crazy to think I could make all of this. I am poor and busy, BUT I would love to make as many as I can, I have a couple that I just HAVE to make. So let me know what you think and stay tuned!

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