Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bakery Gingham

I believe the 2 of you that read this knew that I had gotten a job at a cupcake bakery this past week. I was to the point that I was thinking seriously about this culinary school thing and someday having my own cupcake on a whim, I decided to research some local bakeries and see if any were "me" and if any could offer me any kind of opportunities or even advice. If I really want to possibly have my own baking business I have to get involved and start learning and experiencing now right?!

I came across this bakery called Bakery was literally a "hallelujah" moment when I came across the was singing my name. It's colorful and bright and pink and they specialize in...CUPCAKES! Once I started looking more into it I saw that they had 2 shops in my 2 FAVORITE parts of Columbus; the short north and german village(OBSESSED)&(where I actually want to live)...where I would want to have my own someday! Omigosh! I envy this woman, Amanda, who owns it. She is living the life I would kill to live in 10 years. I had to e-mail her. So I did and she responded (yay) and had me come in for an interview. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was in my know the one that has cupcake vomit all over it (it was basically "Tarrah-land")...and I got the job!

I started my first night last night and needless to say I was nervous but super excited! I LOVED it. Despite being "the new girl" and the awkwardness of havng no clue what I'm doing, I felt right at home. I already learned a lot and am so eager to learn more about the business. I'm made to sell cupcakes my friends. Also, my co-worker is super-cool and we have so much in common!

I was able to try two of the cupcakes last night. One was called the Buckeyenation (and is so me because I lose control of my limbs when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate). Its chocolate cake with a homemade buckeye baked into the center with peanut butter buttercream icing aka...FABULOUS! I also tried a lighter more heavenly cupcake called snowball which is coconut cake with coconut buttercream icing. My new co-worker and I decided that there are certain desserts that make your soul lift out of your body and make you feel as if you are somehow in another world watching yourself indulge in such goodness and these cupcakes are just that. I found my calling folks...

I hope they want to keep me around because I am so ready to work my ass off and learn all there is to learn when it comes to cakes, cupcakes and other goodies!

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Becky said...

Hey Tarrah! I hope the new job goes well and you are given plenty of oppurtunities to learn even more skills! :-)

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