Thursday, September 23, 2010


Back in the beginning of Summer Shawn and I were on one of our amazing date nights (amazing because I get to wear a dress and don't have to worry about unbuttoning my pants or having a bulging pooch from eating so much) at our first japanese hibachi grill (pretty cool by the way). The dessert selection was lacking so we, and by we I mean I, were on a quest for sweets.

We were taking a stroll through the Short North in Columbus...the art district where the night life is hot and the shops are interesting. We came across a little shop that had just opened that day called "Chocoholique" before Shawn could even ask if I wanted to go in I was drooling with my nose pressed to the display cases full of endless little chocolates, most of which were organic.

They had everything from traditional milk chocolate to chocolate covered bacon. They were a little pricey so Shawn and I each picked out two chocolates each (more like 4 chocolates for me of which he could take one bite, and only one, of each). I must say I was pleased with each and every one of our choices and really hope this family-owned business sticks around.

I apologize for the poor quality picture but here are 3 of the chocolates. On the bottom was a milk chocolate covered graham cracker filled with peanut butter. The round one on the left was called "The Cupcake" so I had to get it. The cone looking one on the right was called "Cookies and Cream". The fourth one was this guy...

Yep thats right folks, chocolate covered bacon. I was dying to try it because I had heard so many things about it. It was surprisingly tasty. It reminded me of chocolate covered pretzels because of the hint of saltiness. It was really a lot of chocolate and a little bacon so it worked. I recommend that everyone at least try it.

Some other interesting and bizaar flavors they had were a white peach champagne chocolate (THIS I HAVE TO TRY!), a margarita truffle, coconut curry bar, peanut butter and jelly truffle, and chocolate covered potato chips just to name a few of the maybe 700. I recommend checking out some pictured on their website since mine were so poor, I couldn't bear to take pictures of them when all I wanted to do was devour the blog suffers, meh, oh well! To visit their site you can go here


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